Endless Travel &
Entertainment Rewards

One of the world most rewarding Travel & Entertainment reward made possible with the fusion of innovative technology and veteran in exclusive travel and entertainment services, catering to all who seek to travel, budget or luxurious, mountain high or ocean deep, you name it we have it.

HWG Cash

The most rewarding travel and entertainment token powered by one of the world’s top blockchain technology.

World Class Standard

ERC20 Compliant Token that is built on the popular Ethereum decentralized blockchain.

Fast Liquidity

Liquidity for blockchain assets made available users all across Asia region.

Widely available

Integrated with many merchants across the world and consistently increasing.

Licensed and Regulated

HWGG Capital P.L.C is licensed and regulated entity under the Labuan Financial Services Authority.


Easy to use and master, can be integrated by any merchant around the world even without any technical knowledge.

How it works?

1. Deposit Fiat Currency to HWGG Capital.

2. HWG Cash will be credited to your account based on the amount at a ratio of 1USD to 1HWG Cash.

3. HWG Cash can be transfer between user on HWG X Wallet or any ERC 20 Compliance wallet.

4. Redeem rewards, make purchases and more via the HWG X Wallet.

5. User are free to request for withdrawal at any time.

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